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Welcome to the exclusive area for Midwest Chapters of Ducks Unlimited.  


Here is where you have exclusive access to images that are only available to DU members.  You will see three prices:

Our Price:   This is a suggested retail
Sale Price:   This is the price you pay if you come to our facility to pick up your product.
List Price:  This is the price you pay to have the pictures delivered to you.

The prices listed in this section are for single picture orders.  So, you may order only one picture if that is all you need.  But, it may be possible to reduce your costs, on delivered art, if you order more than 7 pictures.  And, you will certainly save freight costs on smaller sponsor prints when you order two or more.  Call Deb at (651) 776-0858 to see what the discount would be on multiple sponsor prints, OR ORDERS OF MORE THAN 7.


You will notice that the prices on Ducks Unlimited Prints are generally about $8.00 less than other framed art.  The explanation is that these prints have been provided by local chapters of Ducks Unlimited.  I strongly encourage Wisonsin, Iowa, Nebraska, and North and South Dakota supervisors to allow us to warehouse some of your prints in our facility so that we can put them on our website and make them available to all the chapters.  This greatly increases the assortments and provides fantastic art for your fundraising efforts.
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List Price: $65.00
Our Price: $150.00
Sale Price: $53.00

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